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Reference: 66372

Date Added: 11 June 2018
Closing Date: 25 June 2018

Job Title: Political and Security Risk Analyst

Working For: Falanx Assynt

Location: Milan

Salary: £30,000 +

Job Details

We are recruiting a political and security risk analyst to work in an embedded role in one of our client firms, a finance sector company based in Milan. Time commitment would be split between the client work and Falanx Assynt work.

The role will involve analysing security and political risk developments globally from a commercial and client-focused perspective. A large part of the role is focused on assessing the travel security threats to the client’s staff, and physical threats to assets abroad. Other work involves analysing political and security risks and predicting future trends.

The majority of work will focus on EMEA and Former Soviet Union (FSU) countries, but can also cover other areas of interest to the client firm including in Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. A general knowledge of security and political issues in these areas is therefore an advantage.


  • As the role will be based in the client’s office in Milan, applicants need to have the ability and right to work in Italy.
  • Experience of political and security intelligence analysis in a corporate environment and a good sense of which developments are of interest to commercial clients. This includes an ability to listen to guidance, network within the client company and understand the needs of the business.
  • Political and security awareness. To be able to identify key political and security issues and to analyse such developments and their likely consequences. A proven focus or interest in EMEA and FSU is desirable.
  • To be able to write clearly, simply, imaginatively and compellingly to native-speaker standards of English.
  • Strong self-discipline and attention to detail. Reading large quantities of material is a key part of the role.
  • Flexibility and self-confidence. The ability to get up to speed quickly on a country of which you may have little or no experience and to speak knowledgeably and confidently on such matters in a client environment.
  • Self-reliance and the ability to work independently and with little guidance.


  • At least one years’ relevant work experience, ideally including time spent working or studying abroad.
  • Experience of Business Intelligence investigations would be an advantage.
  • A good degree, and ideally a relevant MA.
  • Language skills, with German and/or Russian highly preferable.

Closing Date: 25 June 2018

Interview/Start Dates

We are interviewing immediately. Starting month will be October.

Application Details

Please send a CV and a short (one-page) cover letter to careers@falanx.com

Website: https://falanx.com/assynt/

Additional Notes