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Reference: 71024

Date Added: 13 May 2019
Closing Date: 30 May 2019

Job Title: Junior Consultant

Working For: Kaleidoscope Health & Care

Location: London

Salary: £23,000-£30,000

Job Details

Hello, we’re Kaleidoscope. We’re a 3 year old start-up (does that make us an ‘up’?). We’re looking for someone to join our team full-time as a Junior Consultant.

We work with clients across public, private and voluntary sectors on their strategy, support networks and partnerships, and design and facilitate a whole host of face-to-face and digital events. We also play with ideas that help our mission, even if it costs, including partnering with The Guardian to send brown paper envelopes full of cash to people who ask for them.

What might our new recruit look like? The first requirement is that you’re kind. Life is too short to work with people who aren’t. Second, you’ve got to be somewhere on our wavelength. We’re not a normal organisation. They’ll also be able to tick some specific boxes, such as:

  • A keen interest in health policy and politics. No expertise required, just lots of enthusiasm and interest in our work.
  • Organisational brilliance. From experience of running projects to organising a huge birthday bash for your Mum’s fiftieth; we’re looking for someone who can juggle a lot while having an eye for detail.
  • A flexible and proactive attitude. Thumb twiddlers need not apply. And while office yoga is not (yet) mandatory, you will have to be happy taking responsibility for a range of different tasks with an ability to adapt quickly.
  • Tech savvy. You don’t need to be a complete IT whizz, but a bit of tech skill combined with creativity won’t go amiss.
  • Resilience. Kaleidoscope is no fairy-tale; and as a start-up without a genie propping us up with stacks of gold, we’ve no right to exist. Tolerance of ambiguity is key here.
  • A bucket load of charm. You know how to talk to all-sorts, and like doing so too. You’ll also understand what it takes to work well in a team.

But I’m afraid if you’re not kind, well, we might as well part company now. And if you’re after a cosy job that doesn’t overly challenge you, we’re not the right place.

Thanks very much - we hope to hear from you.

Closing Date: 30 May 2019

Interview/Start Dates

Application Details

To apply, write a 500 word blog on what, if you’ve spent a wildly successful first year with us, you’ll have achieved and be most proud about. Email it, along with a copy of your CV, to hello@kaleidoscope.healthcare by 4pm on the closing date.

Website: https://www.kaleidoscope.healthcare/

Additional Notes