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Reference: 90308

Date Added: 21 September 2023
Closing Date: 20 October 2023

Job Title: Associate Organiser, Together We Can Team, Citizens UK Migrant and Ref

Working For: Citizens UK

Location: Focused in Scotland, UK wide

Salary: £27,953 per annum

Length of Contract: 12 month fixed term contract- chance of extension if funds available

Job Details

The Migrant and Refugee Organising Team is a specialist team of organisers within Citizens UK working to build the power we need to make the UK more welcoming.

We believe in the importance of standing with our neighbours, wherever they were born. By working together across difference, we can tackle injustice and win change on the issues that matter to refugee migrant, and diaspora communities.

Refugees for Justice (R4J) is part of the part of the Migrant and Refugees Organising team. It is a refugee-led campaign for justice, accountability, and change in the UK asylum accommodation and support provision system based in Glasgow. The group was launched in the aftermath of the Park Inn Incident in Glasgow (26 June 2020) and the mishandling of asylum accommodation and support during COVID-19 pandemic that led the deaths, injuries, and physical and psychological harm on people in the asylum system and wider community. R4J uses community organising and strategic litigation to challenge and change UK asylum support and accommodation provision, including the use of detention-like institutional accommodation and associated conditions.


The principal responsibility of an Associate Organiser is their own development: learning the craft of Community Organising under the guidance of an experienced Community Organiser. They work intensively with a small assignment under close supervision, growing their experience, skill, and responsibility incrementally. An Associate Organiser is working towards becoming a competent practitioner of the craft of broad-based community organising methodology, and focuses on the building of relational power, the identification and development of leaders, the strengthening of member institutions, leader-led public actions, and the winning of systemic change.

This role is specifically to organise in Refugees for Justice (R4J), Together We can and the Migrant and Refugee Organising Team, to work with leaders with experience of the immigration system and to act to change it. The role may also involve collaboration between other CUK projects where appropriate and relevant.

Closing Date: 20 October 2023

Interview/Start Dates

Application Details

For further information and how to apply, please visit: https://app.beapplied.com/apply/bqfqzce84v

Website: https://www.citizensuk.org/

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